No More Meat!

There have been many fad diets over the years, but very few of them are actually good for your body long term and many people do not research enough before deciding to go on them. I am in no way a nutritionist or a specialist in what you should eat, but here are some of the changes I have decided to make in my day to day eating habits

Recently I have made the decision to cut out all meat, but seafood (basically pescatarian). I made this decision because the meat industry not only treats animals terribly, but also it is terrible for the environment. Farming that many animals increases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and it does many other things that are bad for the environment. For years I have always wanted to go pescatarian or vegetarian, but have always been too chicken (lol corny meat humor). Eventually I would like to give up all meat, including seafood, but one step at a time! Keep reading to see my daily meal schedule.

Breakfasts: I usually like to start off my day with some kind of fruit and greek yogurt. Greek Yogurt has less sugar than regular yogurt and is high in protein. Sometimes if I have a bit more time, I will grab a pressed juice from one of my favorite places in Columbus. I don’t eat much in the mornings, especially during the week, as I am not very hungry right when I wake up. When I am on the go, I also have been loving putting my favorite green tea or coffee in my Ello ceramic travel coffee mug. I love it’s handle, so I can use it at home and on the go!

Lunches: When I eat lunch really depends day to day, but my go to choices are either a salad or sautéed vegetables with a bit of olive oil and my favorite seasoning (Trader Joes Every Day Seasoning). For salads, I usually start with spinach or spring mix, add carrots and/or cucumbers, whatever other veggies that are in the fridge, pine nuts (really any, those are just my favorites), shredded cheese or goat cheese, and a sweet vinaigrette. Sometimes, I will add some extra protein to my like shrimp or salmon.

Dinners: This meal is usually the least thought out of the day, because lets face it, who isn’t tired after a long day of work? My go to choices are pasta dishes with veggie sides and a type of seafood, sweet potatoes or baked potatoes with loads of veggies, or sautéed veggies with quinoa or brown rice. Most of these things can be meal prepped at the beginning of the week, so you can just throw everything together!

Snacks: One way I have been starting to cut down my snacking is drinking more water. Always keeping this water bottle or tumbler with me has helped me keep up with this goal. I have also been drinking seltzer water to change it up. When drinking more water can’t curb the cravings between meals, I reach for popcorn or fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating some peanut or almond button and with apples really fills me up between meals. I also love dipping carrots or black bean and quinoa tortilla chips in greek yogurt dips.

To follow me on this new diet check out my instagram @veronica.fulwider linked down below!

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