Current Fashion Wish List

I always like to keep a list of things that I want or need in my notes on my phone. I also love creating Pinterest boards of my style goals. You know, the way you want to dress once you’ve got a stable job and are free of debt. Here are some images of the styles I have on my wish list!




I am a huge fan of boho and casual easy styles. Dresses and rompers or jumpsuits have become my go to staples and I really want to increase my number of them, they are on the top of my wish list. Also, slip on shoes and pointed toe heels are my favorite right now. I really want a pair of round sunglasses! I think they work with all outfits and accessories like sunglasses or layering my favorite gold jewelry really make an outfit. I recently discovered an awesome boutique to get some of my fashion wish list items from. It is called Wildflower Boutique in Yellow Springs, Ohio, but they also have a website and check out my Instagram to see what items I picked up from there.

Follow my Pinterest for more fashion inspiration:

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